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We Teach Reading, Writing, and Mathematics To Those With Dyslexia.

We use several proven methodologies including the Barton Reading & Spelling System®, Learning Without Tears®, and more.

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We Have In-Office & Online Education Environments.

Come to our office in Chandler, Arizona for in-office education, or join us online from anywhere.

We Know Dyslexia, Because We Live Dyslexia.

As a mother and son team, Alanna and Shaun approach dyslexia from unique standpoints. Along with being top-notch tutors, Alanna knows the challenges of dyslexia from a parent’s perspective and Shaun from a child’s perspective. Their combined experiences offer a whole new level of insight into the tutoring process.

Shaun Aguilar and Alanna Pugh, Owners of The Dyslexic Group

Alanna has a formal education as a Speech Pathologist.

Shaun is a Master Certified Barton Tutor who is a dyslexic and completed the Barton 10 step program himself.

Dyslexia Training Institute Certified Special Education Dyslexia Advocate
Certified in Barton Reading & Spelling System - Masters Level

Our Methods Produce Real Results.

“The Dyslexic Group has made a huge difference for us this year. We were at a point where I really needed someone else to work with my son and motivate him to put in the extra work to learn to read and spell. Alanna has done a wonderful job of pouring on the praise and encouragement and has boosted his self-esteem, inspiring him to do hard things. She also does an outstanding job of keeping me informed of his progress and adjusting her methods to suit his learning style. He really does enjoy his time with her and it is greatly benefiting him.”
Debra Reimer
Mesa, Arizona
"We have been exceptionally fortunate to find Shaun. Our son has struggled to find teachers or tutors that he can relate to and that motivate him, but he has built a strong bond with Shaun. His growth in reading and writing with Shaun has been tremendous and we can say with great enthusiasm that he has impacted our son's academic growth more than anyone else. We can see our son becoming more confident every week. We have been overwhelmed with appreciation and gratitude for Shaun. Our son loves and trusts him."
Adam Rodriguez
Portland, Oregon
"You have changed our lives for the better! 
Since we have been with The Dyslexic Group, we have seen such amazing, positive changes in our son. He is not only surviving school, but he’s also thriving. The attention and dedication that The Dyslexic Group gives to their students is beyond anything I have experienced since my son was diagnosed. Alanna is attentive and genuinely cares about making sure our son has the tools and self-confidence to be the best he can be. We are forever grateful!"
Phoenix, Arizona
“Shaun is a true master of his craft. It's a rare thing to find a coach, teacher and mentor of such quality. His flexibility, compassion, knowledge and dedication to our son, Francis has accomplished in six months what could not be done in two yrs with other services. The skills provided have given Francis a boost in confidence with reading and math and will positively serve him throughout his life.”
The Baker Family
Tempe, Arizona
When your child is diagnosed with dyslexia, it can feel overwhelming. What now? Who can help my child? Who can help me navigate this? We joined The Dyslexic Group and the first email welcomed us to the family. Family is truly what they have become! Alanna makes my daughter feel special, smart and excited to learn. She quickly figured out what makes my daughter work hard or feel bored, and caters her tutoring to optimize her learning. Alanna's love and support does not end when we leave a session. She is creating a community for these children, walking me through the IEP process and a source of wisdom for me and her teachers. Being a part of this family is the best investment I could make for my daughter's future!
Tempe, Arizona
We have been blessed to find Mrs. Amy with Dyslexic Group our son is very unique and to find a tutor who goes beyond with him and knows his strengths and his weaknesses is awesome. She knows what motivates him and he loves his Bop it game. We started with two days increased to three days we are now doing 4 days a week and my son doesn’t feel like it’s a chore. He likes seeing Mrs. Amy.
Phoenix, Arizona
Shaun was the first tutor for my son Luke when he was diagnosed in 2nd grade. He was so easy to work with, high energy, and knowledgeable. I am a former teacher and a reading specialist, but every time we met with Shaun he taught me something! Also he gave us helpful tips and suggestions of how to help our son at home. Luke LOVED going to see him because he incorporated games, positive support, and occasionally snacks! Shaun truly loves what he does and it shines through to the students and parents. He understands dyslexia himself (as he lives it) so he can give insightful and practical suggestions. Shaun's support and tutoring are one of the reasons my son is a successful 8th grader who tested at an 11th grade level in Reading on his High school placement exam recently. He helped Luke to build reading skills, confidence, and his self-esteem. We will forever be grateful for the help he gave our family!!!
Phoenix, Arizona

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